2018 Convention Update

Your convention is getting closer and we need your help in preparing by registering now.  Please do not leave it until the last minute as this creates many logistical problems!

We have some great speakers lined up, including:

  • Part International President Barry Palmer – Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF)
  • Lion Professor Jill Keeffe – Diabetes
  • James Stewart – Navigate Our Way Successfully into the Future

We have a great venue:

  • Deakin University – Burwood Campus

The dates:

  • Friday 26th to Sunday 28th October 2018

Please register now!

2018 Convention Update – May 2018

With just over 5 months to our Convention and AGM, which is being held at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus between October 26th and 28th the Planning Committee have finalised our draft program and can promise an interesting and challenging Convention Program.  Our program will feature sessions that are topical to all Lions at the moment and will be presented by high profile speakers.

The theme for this year’s convention and AGM is “Navigating towards the Future” and we have some excellent guest speakers lined up to deliver our program.

Our Convention Program and Speakers

Amongst the topics and speakers we have included are:

  • Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) – we will learn how this important Lions Foundation functions and how it assists victims of disasters worldwide, including here in our own District, with its various projects. These range from helping the victims of fire, drought, tropical storms, hurricanes and floods amongst other things. We will also hear about the interesting and impactful projects conducted by LCIF. This session will be conducted by Past International President Barry Palmer who is a member of the LCIF Board and will share his experiences with us.


Past International President Barry Palmer

  • Diabetes – This dreadful disease is a priority project for Lions and is one of our 5 key pillars of service for the coming year and, most probably, well beyond. This session will present details about the shocking impact this disease is having on our world, both locally and internationally. We will also hear from our speaker, , about global and Australian needs related to diabetes and particularly about potential projects for District V5 and the Multiple District specifically and how we can assist in the fight against diabetes. Professor Keeffe is the former Head of Population Health at the Centre for Eye Research Australia based at Melbourne University and is currently the convenor of the Diabetes Working Group for LCI/LCIF. She is also a member of our Seymour Goulburn Lions Club.


Professor Jill Keeffe

  • James Stewart – James is the Managing Partner of Ferrier Hodgson and is the Head of their Retail Practice. James’ specialisation is in the area of change management at the macro or strategic level. He has assisted many clients organisations in adapting to changes brought about by social and economic factors that can affect their businesses. His session will address strategies on how we as Lions might navigate our way successfully through the raft of changes we are currently experiencing in society and how we can maintain our relevance.


James Stewart

The Global Action Team (GAT) Structure – PIP Barry Palmer and PDG Ann Eldridge will conduct this session. Ann is currently the Multiple District 201 GMT Membership Area Co-Ordinator and her role involves supporting both Clubs and Districts with membership activities ranging from planning through to training and the implementation of membership drives. Ann is a Past District Governor in V5 and was responsible for driving changes in the District that have made us a stronger and more effective Lions organisation. Barry and Ann will explain the Global Action Team structure that has been adopted internationally, the reason for its adoption and the benefits that will flow from its implementation. They will also highlight how this structure a supports the LCI Forward initiative and how it presents opportunities for us to strengthen our relationships with our communities and for engaging in more creative and rewarding projects.


PDG Ann Eldridge

  • We will also be conducting a District Project Forum where we will be presenting an overview of a range of interesting projects conducted by Lions Clubs within our District. This session will be facilitated by our Community Relations Chair, Chester Allen, and will be presented by representatives from a number of clubs in the District; the session will also allow for some question and answer activity. One of the reasons we have adopted this session is that it has been requested and will provide an opportunity for some clubs to present their projects and for other of us to find out about the exciting and impactful projects being conducted in our District.


Community Relations Chair, Lion Chester Allen

Convention Registrations                                     

Whilst our Convention Committee is delighted with the arrangements and organisational progress made so far, they are concerned about the low numbers of people who have registered to attend our convention to date.

Number of Registrations since the last newsletter= 0

The following registrations have been received so far:

Early Bird Registrations

Other Registrations Total Registrations
61 1


Why are we concerned? – History tells us that a lot of registrations are received in the last few weeks prior to the convention.

Why does this present a problem for us? – We are dealing with caterers and Deakin University and we have to work to finalise arrangements with both well before the Convention date – the organising committee cannot leave these discussions to the last minute

How can you help? – You can help by registering as soon as possible, but certainly by Friday 14th September



Graham Bryant

Convention Chairperson


Navigating Towards the Future

Incoming DG Laurie Cooper’s Outlook

Incoming District Governor Laurie Cooper’s (Laurie) theme for the 42nd V5 District Convention to be held at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus this October is “Navigating towards the Future”

As Lions, we are entering our second century of providing humanitarian services globally having completed 100 years of service and of having made a positive impact in our communities.

To maintain our relevance, and to continue our proud tradition and truly fulfil our promise of “where there’s a need, there’s a Lion” and continue to achieve our mantra of “we serve” Laurie is passionate that, Lions need to evolve and change. However, while it is essential that we change, Laurie recognises that we must also recognise and respect our proud past.

The Need for Change        

In our current environment, community needs are constantly changing and for us to continue to provide relevant humanitarian services, we as Lions, with our proud history of service, must adapt and change as a community service organisation

These changing needs not only address service requirements, they also address the needs of people in our communities who want to join us and support our volunteer activities- how do we attract younger members of our community with busy agendas to join us to serve?-

Laurie is aware that if we are to attract and retain new and younger members, we need to be aware of, and cater for, the drivers that make people volunteer in the current climate.

The Future?

None of us know what the future holds – but we do know that we can influence it by taking positive action in identifying emerging community needs and, where necessary, by reshaping our clubs and our service delivery functions to address them.

In essence, we need to consciously navigate towards our future and seek to influence how we can continue to respond and serve effectively.

We can look at the future and be overwhelmed by it or we can grasp the nettle and see the opportunities it offers us and experience the excitement that change brings and that’s what Laurie wants us to do- grasp the nettle!

Our 2018 Convention will take this latter perspective and focus on some of the key changes that are emerging in society at the moment and how we as a community service organisation can respond and take the initiative to remain relevant for the next 100 years.

To assist us in our “navigations”, we will have speakers who are experts and some are recognised as world authorities in their own fields and they will share their ideas, thoughts and experiences answering key questions you may have.

The Location

Deakin University is a compact location with plenty of room for various Lions Projects to promote their work and invite support and there will food and drink services available for those who require them. There is also plenty of parking available and it is located within 5 minutes of the main lecture theatre where the convention proceedings will be held.

Our Saturday night dinner dance and celebration will be held at the Mulgrave Country Club where the meals will be restaurant standard and the music from the 60’s onwards so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to kick up your heels with your Lions colleagues.

I encourage you all to register early and attend this years 2018 V5 AGM and Convention